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Religious and spiritual podcasts offer listeners a variety of perspectives. Some feature stories of overcoming adversity while others tackle the Bible and apologetics questions.

Christian author Tim Mackie and writer Jon Collins host this popular podcast. Each episode covers scripture passages in a deep and thoughtful way. This podcast is perfect for a quick commute or break at work.

The Story Behind

Even though organized religion may be on the decline, spirituality remains tenacious. Whether you’re interested in theology or meditation, there are plenty of podcasts to choose from. From Christian sermons to Muslim slice-of-life interviews to skeptical undercover investigations, you can curate your own radio diet.

Sherilyn Grant’s Truth Seekers podcast is designed to teach children how Bible stories connect to one larger story of God’s love for humanity. Listeners can log on to the show’s Facebook page or website for resources, videos and lesson plans.

Rob Bell’s podcast dives into his reimagining of Christianity with an affable stream-of-consciousness style. This podcast is sure to make you think and question your own beliefs. The Soul Collective is a great option for those looking for actionable insights that can help you transcend self-imposed limiting beliefs.

The Bible Never Said That

Religious faith plays a major role in people’s values, traditions and beliefs. Whether you’re looking to deepen your prayer life, study scripture or learn a new perspective on your spirituality, podcasts are a great way to explore religion without reinforcing stereotypes or parroting dogma.

Rob Bell’s progressive interpretation of Christian faith combines old stories with pop-culture references. He debunks modern secular misconceptions of scripture in a style that’s accessible to believers and skeptics alike.

This podcast from a former homicide detective takes nothing off the table as it discusses the Bible and Christianity. This show is both eye-opening and compelling for anyone interested in how the Bible intersects with contemporary society. It’s also great for older adults interested in learning about church history.

Pray the Word

Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge of Scripture or gain a new perspective on your faith, there are Christian podcasts that cover all sorts of religious topics. From Christian sermons to Muslim slice-of-life stories, these podcasts allow listeners to explore their beliefs in a new way.

Organized religion may be on the decline, but spirituality’s grip remains tenacious. This is reflected in the popularity of podcasts like the ones listed above.

Older adults who are interested in a more contemporary spiritual podcast can check out The Bible Binge, which draws comparisons between Biblical stories and modern pop culture. This podcast is ideal for older adults who want to be inspired by real-life stories of Christian transformation. Similarly, Compelled uses gripping, immersive storytelling to celebrate the power of Christ’s work in Christians around the world.

The Bible Project

Whether you’re a homeschooler or not, The Bible Project is an important resource for learning Scripture. Their videos treat the Bible like literature, explaining the meaning of Hebrew and Greek words and providing cultural context for biblical imagery, symbolism, and characters.

They also focus on helping others and showing how Jesus treated the least-liked people in society. They emphasize that it’s the people who spend their time improving other people’s lives who find true happiness in life.

Podcasts are a great way to listen to faith-based content. Play one while you’re doing chores, commuting, or on your daily walk to work. It’ll help you grow spiritually and encourage your heart. Especially during these times when it feels like the world is spinning out of control.

Your Daily Bible Verse

There are plenty of Christian podcasts devoted to teaching you the ins and outs of Scripture. For instance, the Bible Project breaks down Biblical themes through historical context and modern culture.

Other Christian podcasts like That Sounds Fun feature a conversational feel that makes it easy to listen. Annie F. Downs interviews a wide range of experts on topics that include discipleship and identity.

Another option is Pray the Word, a daily podcast that features David Platt reading Scripture and leading listeners in prayer. Each episode is short and perfect for a quick car ride or break at work. Other options include the Risen Motherhood podcast that discusses everything from faith and parenting to social issues, and Be the Bridge with Latasha Morrison, which encourages women to fight for racial justice.

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