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Christian Podcasts 2023

Christian podcasts are a great way to grow your faith while on the go. You can learn more about the Bible, listen to stories of other believers and even hear the history of the Church.

Compelled is a popular podcast that uses gripping, immersive storytelling to bring Christian testimonies to life. These real-life stories from missionaries, prisoners, addicts and more illustrate how Jesus can heal a broken heart and bring hope to those who seek Him.

The Story Behind

Podcasts have become a popular medium for entertainment and education, particularly among Christian listeners. These podcasts offer a wide variety of content, from in-depth discussions about Bible themes and stories to practical advice on everyday life.

Deeper Waters explores theological and religious questions in a thoughtful and respectful manner, with episodes lasting up to an hour. The podcast offers compelling answers from some of the world’s leading academics in Christian apologetics.

This podcast from bestselling author Annie Downs helps women build community and feel less alone through the many challenges of motherhood. New episodes are released every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The Bible Never Said That

Christian podcasts can be a great resource for Bible study, theology, spirituality, and personal stories. While some podcasts may align with specific denominations or theological perspectives, others offer a more ecumenical approach.

The Bible Project podcast provides in-depth conversations with respected academics of Christian apologetics. Each episode lasts for about an hour and provides persuasive answers to questions that arise about religion, faith, and Christianity.

Whether you’re looking for a humorous Christian podcast or one that addresses the concerns of parents, this podcast is a good place to start. The show includes discussions with the founder of VeggieTales and interviews with other influential Christian leaders. The podcast also includes family-friendly episodes that focus on developing disciples, encouraging marriage, and reaching people with disabilities. It’s a must-listen for every Christian parent.

Crazy Little Thing Called Marriage

Christian podcasts can serve as valuable resources for anyone seeking to follow biblical teaching and lead a faithful life. These popular Christian podcasts cover everything from personal testimonies and reflections to interviews with prominent religious figures.

For example, the Focus on Family podcast features interviews with Christian marriage experts Greg and Erin Smalley. Its episodes are full of practical advice and encouragement for couples struggling with marital issues. It also provides listeners with a better understanding of God’s plan for marriage and family. Another popular podcast is the Bible in a Year, which aims to help listeners read and understand the entire Bible. It also teaches listeners how to use Scripture as their guide for everyday life. This podcast is a must-listen for any Christian listener.

Seasons of the Church

Christian podcasts bring messages of hope and inspiration to listeners all over the world. They feature personal testimonies, sermons, biblical teachings, and discussions on the intersection of faith and culture.

The Compelled podcast uses gripping immersive storytelling to celebrate the amazing ways Jesus is transforming Christians worldwide. Whether through broken marriages, struggles with infertility or death of loved ones, the stories of how these believers have found redemption are inspiring and motivating.

Priscilla Shirer is an internationally renowned author and motivational speaker who aids Christians in developing a healthy relationship with God. Her podcasts provide insight on how to rightly handle God’s Word. Similarly, Jo Saxton and Steph Williams are church leaders in Minneapolis who work to help women realize their potential and purpose.

Your Daily Bible Verse

Whether you want soul-stirring sermons, motivational devotionals or expert tips on mastering adulting, Christian podcasts can help you stay grounded and grow spiritually. The podcasts can also inspire you by sharing amazing stories of faith and life transformation.

The Servants of Grace podcast explores Christian doctrine and deep Bible study. Its episodes include discussions with prominent Reformed and evangelical theologians and honest conversations about current theological topics.

The Ask NT Wright Anything podcast is hosted by New Testament scholar NT Wright. This podcast answers listeners’ questions about the Bible and Christianity, and helps them develop a more nuanced understanding of their faith so they can defend it objectively. The podcast also discusses current events and provides commentary on religious and moral issues. The episodes are typically between 30 and an hour long.

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